Sometimes, there's just to much to tell about a piece of music to be left unspoken. Especially when it comes to the grandmaster of them all: Prince. Enjoy the reading.

Prince: his best music for other artists in the 80's


Prince is truly the greatest artist of our time. His life is music and music is his life. All his work (and that’ a lot!) can be seen as the story of his life. There’s love, struggle, fun, insecurity, relationships, sex, fantasies, day to day life, politics and last but not least… religion or spirituality. Prince is a true artist who’s only aim is to create.

prince in the house


Because of my love for both the music of Prince and “house” music, it's interesting to see where these worlds meet. During the 80-ies the disco’s of the 70-ies changed into clubs and the dj’s became more and more inventive with the records. People like Larry Levan in Paradise Garage or Ron Hardy in Muzikbox made dj-ing into an art. 

Prince: his best funk pt. 1


Prince's musical ability is unlimited, he plays almost every instrument (is a really outstanding guitarist and bass player), is a great composer and lyricist and was on the sharpest edge of the 80ies when it comes to production. He masters lots of genres, but the first and foremost musical style Prince is known and respected for is probably the funk. 

Bio Dylan otto


As a child Dylan is already grabbed by music. Only the mirror knows how many hours he spent acting to be a rockstar, ‘air guitar’ included. It’s percussion that really gets him going, so a drumkit is his first step towards music. Dylan is driven by ‘groove’, one of those things that make life worth living. Groove is to be found in many musical directions from disco to funk, soul, reggae, house, electro or techno. Groove is in the heart!