Bio Dylan Otto

As a child Dylan is already grabbed by music. Only the mirror knows how many hours he spent acting to be a rockstar, ‘air guitar’ included. It’s percussion that really gets him going, so a drumkit is his first step towards music. Dylan is driven by ‘groove’, one of those things that make life worth living. Groove is to be found in many musical directions from disco to funk, soul, reggae, house, electro or techno. Groove is in the heart!

During his study of law he plays music at a pub and at the end of the 90ies, there are turntables and a mixer in the house. As a house dj he starts organizing parties, also to create his own stage. With friends he was responsible for the only 2 times held "Just Jamm Outdoor Festival" in 2005 en 2006. He plays before or after Dutch dj’s such as Roog, Lucien Foort, Benny Rodrigues or Michel de Hey. In 2006 he co-starts Jamm Beach and with al the beach parties going on there’s more and more music coming in, now also to relax at the lovely terrace of Jamm Beach. In 2019 the wonderful Jamm Beach adventure ended, time for a new adventure with more music...

As a music lover without real boundaries Dylan Otto performs in three ways: 1. disco/funk/groove/classics, 2. deep-funky-groovy (tech)house, 3. rolling (tech)house / club 

(preferably he mixes them all together depending on the vibe and the possible length of a set.. ;-)

For a dj with the motto: “life’s a party if U want it” and a guy who aims to give you energy to make life a little more fun, Dylan’s the one! He feels the needs and plays the right groove.. No musical restrictions, it could be (rare) funk, disco, deep- or techhouse or a booming electro or techno classic… Just dance or chill to the groove!!!!